Some snarling, my darling!

My name is Bobo, but my friends call me Poppana, too. As a puppy I moved from Germany to Finland in July, 2013. My breed is Shih Tzu, and my registered name is Cóng Táiyáng Tzu Salomon. During the months after my change of country and culture I used to pay special attention to radio everytime Angela Merkel or someone else spoke German through its loudspeakers, but lately I haven’t been interested in linguistics anymore. I think it’s obvious, because I understand that I have found out a cozy home and nice people, who take good care of me and love me deeply. My best friend is Vinski, officially Tellenmussukat Tuli Vihtori. Of course, I have also a couple of human companions, of whom especially my Mama is very close to me. She plays regularly with us and sits often on the floor surrounded by us. Our old wooden house has a nice garden too, where we can usually move around freely. I take walks on the cycleway daily as well. If only it was wider.

I must tell you that I’m quite jazzy and self-willed. At a dog school they tried to teach me to set myself on the floor by bribing me with treats, but I was always fast enough to grab the treats at an early stage so that I couldn’t be taught to observe the instructions. I kinda skipped my duties but took the salary. I’m rather proud of that. I see the intended type of behavior as a slightly sordid form of bribery. Shouldn’t it be enough that I exist as an indisputably smart and lovely dog? But to jump into nicer things, I confess I find small children very likable, though I come across such sweeties only now and then. It’s always nice to meet little ones. They are very appropriate company to me, despite the fact that I’m not a particularly small Shih Tzu.

As a member of a miniature dog breed I’m extraordinarily silent. Sometimes I do bark when it’s time to be let out, because I occasionally find it very exciting and thrilling. And sometimes I bark at a certain black and white cat, who, in my opinion, should stay firmly upstairs, but otherwise I’m not noisy. When it’s one of my better days, I have a great time watching that same cat exploring my rooms, at a distance, that is, but every now and then his activities begin to look dubious. He sure is a strange animal. Generally speakin, it’s much more common that I begin to growl with a bit muffled voice than erupt into barks. My low voice can be heard when someone does me things I wouldn’t want them to. Nevertheless, it’s not exactly a sign that I’m aggressive; I only want to express my opinion this way, and I believe that’s only practical since the human beings cannot read my mind – and of course they themselves keep on emitting sounds all the time when awake. In reality I’m a very nice personality, hugely social and easy-going. Moreover, I’m quite a gourmand, too – in fact into the extent that I don’t have patience to analyze whether what I’m given to is edible, after all. So feeding me isn’t a problem – I usually would like to devour also other dogs' portions, should I be left unguarded for an eyeblink. I wish that the other members in my group were as voracious as me even once in a month. Especially my flock’s strangest member, a Pekingese called Topsy, should see me as an example for himself. But he is a whimsical shrew in every way, so don’t expect him to do anything wise…

When I was younger, I used to be a show-trotter, but that hobby has been strictly dormant for a few years. Maybe I will enter the ring later on, because I’m still a young Shih Tzu whose best days have only recently begun.

I must tell you that I’m a tad nervous about this website thing. The reason is that I don’t like being photographed at all. Whenever I can, I try and avoid paparazzis and snap happy people in general. It’s pretty much impossible to grab my attention from behind a camera, if I’m not truly interested in looking at a shooter. And I rarely am. But I want to be seen on these pages in order to allow people to get at least a glimpse of us Shih Tzus. We are a rare species here in Scandinavia. And at this stage I would like to express my gratitude for your decision to take a look at this little site; I hope you will come back sooner or later. The aim is to update my photos as often as my people manage to get new photos of me, which won’t be easy, though. It might require them to be pretty cunning and shamelessly coaxing, too.

BR, Bobo via his secretary